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 SSL Certificates let your customers know their private data is safe! SiteLock will protect from hackers that steal information or spread spyware.



NEWI SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates

Protect transactions and customer data with SSL Certificates. Show your customers you care, pay up to 90% less and get your certificates fast. Standard and Premium SSL certificates both offer domain validation. Secure unlimited servers. Compare that to other Certification Authorities that charge licensing for on each server. No technical difference and pay up to 90% less.

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NEWI Sitelock


Defend your website, every time a shopper places an order they're trusting you to keep them safe. Keep your site clean and secure with daily malware scans, protect from hackers who steal information. 70% of web visitors look for proof a site is secure before submitting personal data.

Protect your website and customers by getting SiteLock™ today!

Code & Driver signing certificates

Code & Driver Signing Certificates

You have worked to hard to leave your code unprotected. Gain and keep your customers trust by authenticating the source and integrity of your code. Eliminates security warnings during download and installation. Both certificates act as a digital safety seal to show your customers that your code has not been tampered with.

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